The Magic of Tracy Chapman

Hello Friends,
What struck me as truly beautiful about the moment on stage with Tracy Chapman and her song “Fast Car” was how she poured her heart into her art, sending it out into the world. Now, over 30 years later, its impact resurfaces because a father played her song for his little boy decades ago, and it resonates deeply within him, shaping his life. That little boy kept that song in his heart and recorded it.
We’ve become a society consumed by clicks and views, often overshadowing the purity of artistic expression. Whether it’s a song, a business idea, a book, or a speech when it stems from the heart, its true audience and purpose is unknown. Our only job is to create and release it.
If your heart urges you to share an idea, a melody, or a business endeavor, listen to that whisper, because within the whisper is someone’s prayer.
Like Dr. King says more eloquently than I ever could, we are interdependent. Our lives are not our own, we are born with a purpose intrinsically and when we tap into it, magic happens.
Bravo Tracy and Luke for sharing your magical dreams with us.
Love and Light,
Monica Wisdom