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Black is King, Black is You 700 467 monity

Black is King, Black is You

The African symbols and symbolism shown in ‘Black Is King’ is where we come from. The propaganda that we come from a savaged land is untrue. We come from the innovators and creators of language, mathematics, science, religion, medicine, and beyond. Slave traders did not kidnap groups of ignorant people, they kidnapped doctors, teachers, healers, religious leaders, Kings, and Queens.

How do you think this country was built? Remember the Colonizers did not teach the Africans and indigenous people how to build this county. They arrived with knowledge of how to build civilizations. For centuries, our ancestors accomplished building nations and civilizations all across the globe. From China to Brazil and everywhere in between you will find Africans within the origin stories of many great nations.

Black as King also hi-lights African Religions. Yoruba, Ifa, and Orishas. Before Christianity was taught, we had our religion. Yoruba is not only a tribe in Africa but a language and belief system. Its root is ancient and has many forms of it all over the world. I learned to speak Yoruba years ago because I wanted to speak the language of my ancestors. Although I have forgotten it I still remember the beauty of it.

Yoruba is beautiful and like any of the indigenous belief systems, it is misunderstood. It is important to learn about it properly and to fully understand it void the ignorant propaganda of others. It’s everywhere around us and it’s all through Beyoncé’s work. The Black Church is rooted in it. Where do you think the term, ‘catching the spirit,’ comes from, or ‘the term speaking in tongue,’ means? The enslaved Africans hid their belief within Christianity to practice without it being detected.

Yep, it’s always been there, the keys to life. You just have to decode it. That is what Beyoncé is doing. Not only in Black Is King and Lemonade, but through all of her work. Beyonce has been studying her roots and sharing what she learns and believes through her music. Just as many artists do.

When you look at her last three works as a trilogy you can experience the full scope and beauty of black culture throughout the diaspora. ‘Lemonade’, ‘Homecoming’, and ‘Black Is King,’ tells a complete story that excludes slavery. I believe the intention is to see ourselves without the elements of bondage. I especially loved the nod to our Native American roots in her final song, ‘Rise.’ Beyonce’ is a great curator of our culture and unapologetically reminds us of who we are in the arc of humanity.


Founder, Black Women Amplified