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How are you doing? 275 183 monity

How are you doing?

We are 6-9 months into this pandemic. How is everyone doing?

Nothing about this is normal nothing about this makes sense. We are resilient and we will adapt but these times we must remember that kindness is our new currency.
We have to get through the day, yes, but it’s really time to really evaluate what we want our future to look like.

There is a great shift happening and we get to choose how we will acclimate to it and in it. Acting like tomorrow will ever be like yesterday will leave us frustrate and depressed. Yolo is a thing of the past. We must all really take a deep look at the big picture and determine what the future could actually look like.

God gifted us the power to co-create our like and now it’s time to activate that power. Not for just the things you want but for the works to be better.

As we move into the age of interdependency, it’s important to evaluate what really matters, what you are really passionate about, and how you can elevate your vibration in order to rise above the chaos and live your best life.

It takes foresight, innovation, evaluation, and new thoughts about what is possible.
Tomorrow is not coming back. And honestly, it never has. Remember, no matter what the world says, God is the ultimate voice. Lean into your divine knowing with trust and faith.
Be proactive and activate your better tomorrow.


Monica Wisdom,
Founder, Black Women Amolified