Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams: Liv Warfield Unveils Her Path

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I am excited to share this conversation with you. They say don’t meet the artist you love, but the more we talked the more I appreciated with Liv Warfield brings to the world. What if you could get an intimate peek into the life of a musical powerhouse who has shared the stage with legends such as Prince, Nancy Wilson, and Lionel Richie? Join us as we sit down with the incredible Liv Warfield, who takes us on her inspiring journey from her shy beginnings in Peoria, Illinois, to the superstar we know today, performing in creative playgrounds and empowering young creatives with the Lena Blue Foundation.

Liv opens up about her transformation from a talented athlete with dreams of the Olympics to a street performer in Portland and eventually sharing the stage with Prince. We delve into the importance of maintaining one’s own voice as an artist, Prince’s mentorship, and the making of her sophomore album, The Unexpected. The episode also explores Liv’s reflection on the strength and resilience of Black women, the inspiration behind her song ‘Blackbird,’ and the importance of protecting our mental health.

Don’t miss this unforgettable conversation as Liv Warfield shares her artistry, her superpower, and her vision for the next chapter of her life. Gain valuable insights into the world of a trailblazing artist and learn how she’s using her platform to create space for creatives to showcase their art. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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