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Visibility & Media Prep


Develop and deliver your message with confidence and character

Engagement Assets

Brand assets are essential for business ecosystems

Personal Development

Success begins within.

Image Development

First impressions are lasting impression. Ensure it boldly represents you.

Clients and Collaborations

Welcome to BWA Media Agency and Academy, where every project, whether with a multinational organization or an emerging artist, is infused with dedication and passion. With over 30 years of experience, I’ve honed my skills as a woman, collaborator, coach, and consultant, ensuring that each endeavor is aligned with the values and brand of the individual or company. But what truly sets us apart is the touch of Black girl magic that we bring to every project, making each experience special and unique.


In today’s digital age, visibility is crucial. People crave authenticity and want to connect with the real individuals behind businesses. At BWA Media Agency and Academy, we understand the importance of being prepared to share your vision, products, and services with the world. We ensure that you are ready to confidently express yourself to the public, setting the stage for the longevity and success of your campaigns and projects.

We focus onĀ  Media Prep, Audience Connection tools, Messaging, and Storytelling.


Building and growing any business is challenging, and as an entrepreneur, I know the emotional rollercoaster we often ride on. I offer one-on-one coaching to support creating the version of work-life balance that works for you and your lifestyle

Self-Discovery Support

As a coach, I offer tools, on-demand masterclasses, and group training to help you learn more about yourself. Often our biggest life frustrations stem from not fully understanding ourselves. We coast along, hoping it will get better. Though I am not a therapist, I do understand how self-discovery can be life-changing. Life shifts when we truly know who we are.

Have An Upcoming Project?

In business, we are always working to find the best way to get in front of our audience and connect our solutions with their concerns. Whether it’s a service or product, expressing how you can help is important. If you need support in creating your media experience, we are here to help. Book a discovery call and let’s discuss how