From Globetrotter to Business Leader: Dorothy Enriquez’s Pursuit of Purpose

Welcome to the Black Women Thrive Podcast Series, where we celebrate the resilience and triumphs of Black and Afro-Latina women turning their passions into successful careers.

It’s no secret that Black women face unique challenges in the workforce. We often find ourselves giving our time and talents without receiving the recognition and rewards we deserve. We are paid less and have fewer opportunities simply because of the color of our skin. But in this series, we are shifting the narrative by highlighting the stories of women who have boldly stepped into entrepreneurship, found inner peace, and thrived against all odds.

In our first episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Dorothy Enriquez, the remarkable CEO of Ellevate Collective. Dorothy knows firsthand the harsh realities of corporate America and decided to forge her own path to a better life experience. Amid challenging times, she fearlessly birthed a business and a baby, driven by her determination to build a lasting legacy and provide much-needed support for women in C-Suites.

Join us on the Black Women Amplified Podcast as Dorothy shares her inspiring journey, filled with both challenges and triumphs as an Afro-Latina woman pursuing freedom and financial independence.

It’s time to empower ourselves, uplift one another, and rewrite the narrative. Tune in to the Black Women Thrive Podcast Series and be inspired to create a life of purpose, success, and unapologetic greatness.

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