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Hello Family, I hope you’re doing well and have some delightful snacks to brighten your day. I wanted to share some fantastic news with you. As you know, I have a podcast called Black Women Amplified. I just wrapped up season 3, and it was nothing short of amazing. This season focused on self-care, featuring […]

Hello, Family, Welcome to a special episode of our podcast, where we dive deep into the world of literature and storytelling. I had the pleasure of hosting debut novelist Ishi Robinson, whose captivating coming-of-age story is already making waves. Her book, “Sweetness in the Skin,” is a beautiful narrative that resonates with readers of all […]

Happy Friday! I hope you’re soaking up some sunshine wherever you are. Can you believe how quickly spring is flying by? How are things going for you? Remember, no matter where you are in life, each day brings a fresh start. Since we last connected in February, there’s been a whirlwind of activity, but I’m […]

Hello Diamonds, Today was eclipse day, and I trucked myself to see this great act of nature. I did not have any glasses, but while getting ready, a download from God helped me see something I never noticed. I intended to head to the river, and while waiting for the big shadow, what opened up […]

Hello Diamonds, This past weekend, I had the privilege of celebrating my birthday alongside an extraordinary occasion—the kickoff of the Alice Windom Initiative. It was a magical event filled with warmth, joy, and a deep sense of purpose. As we gathered around the birthday cake, the sweetness of the moment mirrored the deliciousness of the […]

Hello, Diamonds, Beyonce shares the experience of Black women who have been doing country music for decades. One would think that an artist of her caliber would not have been shut out, but she was. My hope is not necessarily that the country industry will change, but that the overall music experience will shift. That […]

Hello, Diamonds, Rissi Palmer is the first woman to hit the Billboard country music charts since 1987. Discovering Rissi Palmer opened a whole new musical world for me. She was my entry into discovering the incredible Black women in country music. Growing up on country music I never saw us. I discovered a group of […]

Hello all, I was a part of a great global virtual conference today. It included 40 women from 20 countries who are working to make a positive change in the world. For those who were not there, I wanted to share my response to a question posed. The question was: ” In what ways can […]

Dear Friend, I hope this message finds you well as we navigate through the transformative month of Self-Loveuary. With each passing day, I’m reminded of the profound significance of embracing self-care as a journey rather than a mere destination. In a world where demands constantly pull at our attention and energy, prioritizing our well-being becomes […]

Hello Friends, On the evening of Janet Jackson Appreciation Day, as Beyoncé leisurely watched Usher perform a concert, possibly during the Super Bowl, she waited until Usher sang his last note alongside Luda, JD, and Lil’ Jon. It was then that her team uploaded two new songs and announced a new album called Actii, a […]