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Hello Family, Are you over black excellence, too? Have you ever made a misstep and felt like the world was closing in? We live in a society that demands perfection to the point of unrealistic expectations. When did self-empathy leave the building? When did mistakes and missteps stop being part of the journey? We’re overworking […]

Hey Queen, Wooo Chileeee, Personal Growth is Everything… There used to be a time when I didn’t know what I wanted in life. It made it easy for me to follow others’ leads and never really feel satisfied. This morning, I was talking to my ex, and he asked me to go on a trip […]

Hello Queen, When a Comment Section Leads to a Court Case: My Jury Duty Adventure When I tell you, I never thought the comment section would lead to a court case, but here we are. I had jury duty, and it was over a bad review. Yes, you read that right—a bad review! In this […]

Hello Family, I know I said season 3 was complete, but sometimes God has other plans. Join me for a heartfelt conversation with Rhonda Ross, the Emmy-nominated actor, Grammy-nominated songwriter, and motivational singer who’s been inspiring thousands with her music, speeches, courses, workshops, and retreats. You might know her as the child of legends Diana […]