Writer / Entrepreneur

Monica Wisdom


Monica amplifies the voices of Black Women as the host of Black Women Amplified, the Podcast. She shares her insights, challenges and world one downloadable conversation at a time.

She has lived a life that has blessed her a unique perspective, great empathy and strong opinions. She found her voice through putting pen to paper and fearlessly shares it with millions around the world.

Entrepreneurship saved Monica’s life. After being told what she should and should not do with her life, she decided it was time to forge her own path, develop her ideas and see the world. Not an easy journey but the best decision she ever made. She also teaches others to do the same.



Monica has lived a life that is movie worthy. It is full of twists and turns, highs and lows. She is ready to share her journey and can’t wait to hear yours.

Favorite food is chocolate

Favorite city is Paris and has been 5 times

Loves Disco and Soulful House

Went to three junior high schools in 2 years

Contact: Monicaamplified@gmail.com