Meet Chef Reine Keis, Queen of Vegan Soul

Hey Queens,

Meet Chef Reine Keis, the innovative mind behind Sweet Art Bakery, a St. Louis treasure that has gained national attention from the likes of the New York Times. With just $200 and a prayer, Raine opened the bakery 14 years ago and has been a self-made woman ever since.


Reine’s generosity extends beyond her entrepreneurial success as she offers cupcakes, cookies, and culinary delights named after iconic pioneers of Black culture, serving as a tribute to their contributions to society. Sweet Art Bakery is an experience that allows customers to explore their imagination while enjoying vegan comfort food.

Reine’s Love and Magic Mixes also offer delicious treats that you can make at home. For example, gluten-free folks will crave her chocolate brownie mix.

Recently, Raine was a guest on the Black Women Amplified podcast, where she shared her remarkable journey through food, art, and business. Follow Black Women Amplified on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to learn more about inspiring Black women like Raine Bayoc.

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Monica Wisdom


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