Behind the Scenes with Tracey Moore, Celebrity Casting Director

We are honored to have the incomparable Tracey Moore join us on the Black Women Amplified podcast. Her story is inspiring and takes on a journey of the power of determination. – Monica Wisdom


Tracey Moore is a multi-talented entertainment entrepreneur who has had an impressive career as an acting coach, casting director, director, producer, TV/podcast host, and author. She arrived in New York City in 1983 with only two hundred dollars, a one-way ticket, and a trunk from San Francisco, California to pursue a directing career on Broadway.

One of Tracey’s first jobs in New York was creating a practical joke company for hire called “The Joke’s On You!” She wrote, directed, and cast her unemployed actor friends in customized joke scenarios. After four years of playing jokes, Tracey transitioned into a successful casting career in television, film, and commercials for over 30 years.

With her keen eye for talent, Tracey discovered comedian Dave Chapelle. She later went on to cast a plethora of actors, including Kerry Washington, Jamie Hector, Michael K. Williams, Naturi Naughton, Jeffrey Wright, and many more. She has also been a casting director for popular TV shows like New York Undercover and Spike Lee’s “Girl 6.” In addition, Tracey has worked on commercial projects for Nike, Sprite, Coca-Cola, and other major brands.

Tracey enjoys sharing her expertise by teaching The Spirited Actor Workshop and conducting private coaching sessions. Her clients include some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry like Busta Rhymes, Cardi B, Missy Elliot, Nelly, and many others. Tracey wrote her first book entitled “The Spirited Actor; Principles for a Successful Audition” in 2002 to empower and encourage actors on their journey.

Currently, she is the executive producer, creator, and co-hosts the award-winning show “Inside the Black Box” with Emmy Award-winning actor/director Joe Morton on Crackle TV, and hosts “The Spirited Actor Podcast with Tracey Moore” on iHeart Radio. With Tracey’s guidance, her client Myles Frost recently won a Tony Award for his role in MJ on Broadway.

Whether it’s casting, coaching, directing, producing, hosting, or writing, Tracey Moore has proven herself to be a creative force in the entertainment industry. And through her Spirited Actor program, she has helped countless actors achieve their dreams and reach their fullest potential.

To connect with Ms. Moore:

Inside The Black Box –https://bit.ly3JESS9K
The Spirited Actor Podcast with Tracey Moore –


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