One night on Clubhouse

One night on Clubhouse

One night on Clubhouse 1080 720 monity

I have been on Clubhouse, the new audio app, for about 6 week. Overall it has been a great experience. I have met some really cool people how I promise would have never met. From across the world I have met business people, film makers, princesses and shamans.

Each room presents a different experience and most of all we get to connect on a soul level. I feel like my tribe is getting bigger and better.

I have also found new textures of my voice as I am expressing more of who I am. From whimsical conversation, much needed laughter to healing and shedding tears. Experiencing a range of emotions and exploring my varied interests has been remarkable.

But I have also had some not great experiences that offered deep moments of reflection and self-understanding. I have not only had to gather others but I have had to gather myself and restructure my boundaries. I will share those stories on my podcast.

I have also had some very vulnerable conversations about racism. And there is plenty of everything on the app from sexism to misogamy. There is no more hiding behind curated photos or cute snap backs on twitter. With audio there in no faking who you are. Your character becomes front and center. The soul hears everything.

I went into a spirituality room and was excited to hear some cool folks talk about some cool stuff. But instead I heard a lot of gentrified indigenous practices which were ego centered on individuals feeling good. As I was listening, I could feel my triggers going off. I don’t know if it was spirit telling me to get out of the room or the ancestors telling me to say something. It was just weird. Finally I felt my mouth open and what happened next, I don’t remember fully but here is what I do remember.

One of the moderators on Clubhouse was explaining how he no longer wanted to be a slave to debt. And he continued to say the word slave and my bells kept going off. I began by saying that as someone who is from the lineage of people who used to be currency that the biggest debt this country owes is to black women.

I shared with him and the room (in short form) that until this country takes care of black Women that is will never be healed. Mother Earth will not be well until the people she entrusted to birth humanity are taken care of fully. Until then fired and uprisings will still continue.

We were bought sold and traded like cars and animals. And as long as women are dying in child birth at the highest rates then everyone will continue to be in debt because the biggest debt owned is to Black women. Mother Earth entrusted Black Women to birth humanity. As long as humanity continues to oppress the harm the true leaders ,we are to follow, their children and communities, the earth will never heal form this pain and humanity will continue to implode.

I don’t remember what else I said because I zoned but that’s what I remember.

The room got silent and about half if the people left. I was sad to see the room clear but truth is heard to hear for those who are not ready to hear it.
This moment reminded me that it is important for me house my voice in spaces I am not often invited too. And that is the great thing about Clubhouse, I was invited. Now it is my responsibility to move the conversation forward through truth and power.

Many Blessing,

Founder, Black Women Amplified