Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for a change? 190 266 monity

Hey Queen,

It’s late-night and I was really thinking about all that is happening. There is so much confusion and so much isolation happening that we do not know which way to go. I know for me that my moods swing all over the place. One moment I am up and at the moment I am down.

But when I am the lowest is when I am listening to the fears of other people. If I watch the news or someone calls me with all of their complaints. Not the situation or circumstances but complaints.

This is tough for everyone on many different levels. So folks do not have jobs, others have jobs but they are working from home with their children. Playing teachers and employees can be a difficult task. Some are living with a spouse who they wonder why there are married to them. So many situations and things happening. It is all challenging.

I am in solitude and have to shelter in place by myself. As an introvert, it is not that bad but I think my greatest issue will come when I have to go back to work. It will definitely be a readjustment to all of my senses. But I will adjust.

Having lots of time to think, I realize that I need to make some changes. My life view is so different now that I question everything. But the beauty of it all is that I remember that my life is my choice.

We all have choices. We all have free will. It may seem like the world is on our chest but in life no matter your circumstances you can take steps to build a different life. A life built on our own terms.

There are so many ways to make money that your side hustle can become your primary job. It is entirely possible that you can make a gift or skill and turn into a business. But the real decision one must make is are you ready to make a change.

And when I say change I really mean a transformation. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to transform your life into something completely new?

The one thing we can control is the square that we live in. We can explore other areas of our lives and research who is doing the things we desire to do. We can let go of how we think we are supposed to live and move into a new realm.

It will not be easy but you will look back with no regrets as you walk around in your new life. One way to understand what I mean so watch documentaries on Netflix or PBS. Study the journey of the greats. Pay attention to how they started, the work they put in, and the relationship they forged along the way.

We have to be willing to let go. Let go of old thinking and old friends. Lighten your load and strengthen your drive and determination. Feed your soul with the things that will shift your mindset. Listen to music that is uplifting and raises your vibration.

Shifts happen in subtle ways but you first have to make a decision that you are ready and willing to forge a new path.

Create the vision, research your path, and move forward step by step. And think beyond what every you were taught. Oprah knew she would be great one day, Kobe set out to be the best ballplayer ever and Steve Jobs wanted to change the world. They did it all with a vision, a game plan, and with fear. Fear transmuted into faith will transform your life into all that you could imagine.

Listen with your heart and move with grace. Because where ever you are is not where you have to be.

Love and light,

Monica Wisdom

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