What about US?

What about US?

What about US? 150 150 monity

Hey Sis,

They say black women determine the vote. They say we are imperative to the voting process. They say our vote matters. Then as soon as we cast our ballot, the speeches are over and we go back to do us. Unfortunately, they go back to doing them.  When will they see us?

How will 2020 be different? I think it will be different because we are different. Since 2014 there has been a great awakening of black women. The generation of young activists has stood, marched and chanted in a way that has called up the presence of the ancestors. We have slowly been receiving the messages that we are good enough as we are. All of our silent protests have shifted to out loud and now the world is listening.

The last election put our power to the test. And we shifted the demographics of Congress. And how as a collective we must shift the demographics of the highest office in the land. But this time it must be a win/win situation.

The position of president is not for the faint of heart and a good president knows that she must be there for all of the people. She must know that she will be held accountable in every aspect of her administration. In this era, we will be standing up front, with our iPhones, checking off the campaign promises list.

When Barack was elected, black folks were so excited, we sat back and chilled. But when the 8 years quickly passed we were confronted with the reality that many in our community were still suffering and not feeling very hopeful. Now granted President Obama ended and economic free fall and stabilized the nation but much of what he did was for everyone, not just us.

I get his methods that if we are all doing well then all is well but everyone was not doing well. The urban, young and rural communities are still having the same challenges from 10 years ago and over the last two years, those challenges have increased. As the cost of living goes up faster than wages, folks seem to be falling behind.

But here is the big but, we have to create an agenda to push us as a community forward. No longer can we be one issue voters. We must be community voters. It can’t just be my right to great health care, I also have to be concerned with the sister that I don’t know. I have to add her issue to my list and fight just as hard for her and her family.

Its time, to be honest with what we see in the mirror and honestly assess our real needs. The needs that are wrapped in shame and myths. If we continue relying on myth as our foundation, we will continue to fall behind.


When we shift from shame to truth then we can release the burden and ask for what we really need. Black Women need a full agenda dictated to specifically us. Just like Latin women, Asian women, Arab women, and Native women. We are not all the same and our journey to liberation.

It is time to really do some soul searching for not only how will be the next leader but who will best lead for our needs. Putting our need first is a new perspective but it is time to take notes from the younger generations and finally ask the big question, ‘WHAT ABOUT ME?

Here is a link to the study of black women for 2019 and it is alarming. Read it for yourself and send it to everyone you know. It is time for America’s agenda to include the need for black women. As nations builders, it is time to reap our rewards.

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