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We are Black Women Amplified

Black Women Amplified is a lifestyle, empowerment, and media company that centers around Black Women. We celebrate, discover, and engage our community through impactful conversations via our blog and podcast.

As Black Women, we have elevated humanity in masterful ways. It is time for us to do the same for ourselves. It’s our time!

We See You

We merge our authentic roots and with innovation. We commit to inspire and engage our community with conversations fully expressing the wholeness of Black Women.


We hear you

Afro Bliss is committed to centering Black Women. We embed and celebrate us though out all aspects of the organization and its operations.




We honor you

We fully embrace Black Womanhood. Our experiences are thoughtfully curated for the Black Women Amplified community is expanding.

We create experiences online for Black Women to learn, heal and grow.  It will include an Online Academy offering courses and masterclasses teaching ways to share your story, monetize your knowledge and build your legacy.

I mean, who doesn’t love a disco on the beach?


It’s Possible

To center yourself and set boundaries.


It’s Possible

To live a harmonious life and be fulfilled.


It’s Possible

To live with purpose and get paid.

Clients Feedback

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Monica when I first set up my new business five years ago. Not only was she truly inspiring but she provided sound advice that me and my whole team have appreciated through the years. For example, she was the inspiration to develop our "Dream Board", a way to visually depict our long term goals and aspirations as a company and as individuals."
    Michelle MurrayCEO, Segue
  • "I knew I was destined to make a huge impact on the world, but no one knew who I was. In my head, the transformation I provided my client was clear, but I think and speak in multi-dimensional layers and my client does not. Monica supported me in streamlining my message so the masses could hear and appreciate the services I provide which is helping organizations create an integrated culture that wins. Every time we have a strategy session I walk away with another nugget of gold to implement in my business and expand my reach."
    ER SpualdingCEO, Black Women Start Up