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The challenges are breaking through the barriers within ourselves as we heal the wounds of society’s perceptions. Black women heal through sisterhood. My role is to build the spaces for us to learn and discover all the facets of ourselves on a divine and holistic level while experiencing the power and joy of who we are.

The vehicle is audio conversations, podcasting masterclasses, and building a private community.

Often we are seen through tropes, stereotypes, and monolithic values. Although we have similar life experiences, our values, cultures, and beliefs are vast and diverse. Podcasting and learning how to build a podcast sets the stage for our platform to express our unique voice.


Our core values are integrity, innovation, diversity of thought, respect, and freedom.

Our Mission

At Black Women Amplified, our mission is to shift the perspective of Black women in the world and in the mirror.

Amplify Podcast Academy

You have stories, perspectives, and ideas that are ready to be heard. Podcasting has the power to amplify your voice in a powerful and unique way.
We strive to help you build a podcasting platform that allows you to set your own stage, leverage your expertise, and develop a supportive community.

We offer on-demand master classes, group training, and one on one VIP days centered around transforming your ideas into reality.

Black Women Are

Her Power Podcasting Workshop

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